About Us

I am a licensed, bonded, and insured small business owner & operator who specializes as a heating and cooling contractor in Minnesota working in St. Paul, Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs.

I have Master competency cards in natural gas, warm air ventilation, and refrigeration. I started my training at St. Paul Technical College before looking for work in the HVAC field. I worked in printing at the time of my training.

How It Began

Bob, a fellow employee, had an air conditioning problem and asked me to diagnose his AC system. Bob said there were three HVAC companies that had already come out to look at his system and he still had an issue. At this point, he said he would believe me if I told him he needed a new AC system. I went to check out Bob’s AC system, doubting myself a little, and not knowing what I was going to do. After twenty minutes, I solved the problem. I told Bob he needed to replace the AC circuit breaker in his main breaker panel. After two weeks, Bob contacted me and said his AC system had run consistently and kept his home nice and cool. For payment, I asked for a cup of coffee.

That experience gave me the confidence I needed when looking for employment in the HVAC field.

I worked in the HVAC field for a number of years, learning service and installation while working with fellow techs and installers. I learned some of the business side practices, and began taking the “on-call phone” home within my first year. My first on-call experience was a Christmas holiday that had below zero temperatures. On that Christmas day, I started at 6AM and went home at 1AM. Eventually, at a lunch meeting, I was told of some of the benefits of self-employment by an installer and a service tech that had begun their own businesses. At the time I did not think that it was for me, but shortly after the meeting, I purchased my first van. I told my wife that I had plans to leave my job and start a business. Well that didn’t go well. She went to our bed room and cried for two hours. As one can imagine, I felt a bit discouraged – but went ahead with my plans. Now, my wife is part of the business.

Being in this business, I have found that people are happier doing business with me. Not everyone that calls the company will go ahead with a job, but the business is steadily growing. I have one employee at this time, and a fast-growing customer-base. We would enjoy serving you.

Call 651-336-0032, or contact us if you need us to install, service, or repair something for you.